White People Food Make Them More Stronger

Exercise can increase bone density and muscle mass, while also having a large impact on height. On the other hand, many Chinese people with more reasonable food composition, although the nutrition is more balanced and comprehensive, but the body has not become strong, but very bloated. It shows that the Chinese people’s diet is not bad, but they are seriously lacking in exercise.

White People Food

White People More Stronger?

In 1936, in the Berlin Olympics held in Germany, China sent a delegation composed of more than 140 athletes and declared more than 30 participating events.

However, it is a pity that among the more than 30 events of the Chinese delegation, only pole vaulter Fu Baolu successfully entered the semi-finals, while the other team members were wiped out and were eliminated at the beginning of the competition.

In the end, when the Chinese delegation returned to China with zero results, the words “Sick man of East Asia”, which was a serious insult to the Chinese people, were also published in major international newspapers.

This disgraceful title was not shattered until the 23rd Olympic Games in 1984. Chinese shooter Xu Haifeng won the first gold for China in Los Angeles, USA. This is also the zero breakthrough of China’s Olympic gold medal.

Although sports events in China have flourished in recent years, the title of “Sick Man of East Asia” has long been crushed by a large number of gold medals won by China in the Olympic Games over the years. But we have to admit that the Chinese players are far behind the Caucasian players in terms of strength.

It can be clearly seen that Chinese players appear to be more successful in sports such as table tennis, diving, gymnastics, etc., which require high physical sensitivity and control. In the Olympic Games, such as basketball, football, swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, etc., more and more Caucasian athletes won gold medals.

In contrast, the physical strength and muscular development of White People are significantly higher than that of Chinese, who are predominantly yellow.

Is It Due to White People Food?

We can learn that the white people food is relatively simple, such as steak, chicken, pizza, bread, vegetable salad, many of which are single-structure foods based on meat, carbohydrates or cellulose, which contain a lot of heat.

The Chinese people pay attention to “matching” in their diet. This can be seen from the traditional requirements or concepts such as a table of Chinese Dishes that are full of meat and vegetables, beautiful meat dishes, and original soup. Not comparable to western food.

Why is the White Foods so simple, but the white people stronger than the Chinese? This has to be explained from the genetics, culture and diet itself.

First of all, genes are a very important factor in physical strength, and outstanding abilities are also largely controlled by genes. As you can see, some Caucasians have no training history, but are still very strong.

What we need to know is that the human body itself has a tendency to inhibit muscle growth. From an exercise and metabolic standpoint, muscle overgrowth can lead to a loss of flexibility in the body.

At the same time, maintaining a large muscle mass also requires consuming more calories. Not only that, but the overdeveloped muscles will also increase the burden on the heart. The regulators that maintain the balance of the body are hormones determined by genes.

The study found that the level of the protein hormone “myostatin” in the white people gene is lower than that of the yellow race. This hormone, also known as the “eighth growth differentiation factor”, is an inhibitory extracellular signaling molecule.

Myostatin transmits biological information by binding to specific receptors on the surface of the cell membrane, leading to a series of biochemical reactions, thereby inhibiting the division of muscle cells and reducing muscle levels.

The skeletal muscle that we usually see bulges when we exert force is formed by the aggregation of a large number of muscle cells. If myostatin levels are low, there will be a corresponding increase in the number of myoblasts and greater muscle mass. This makes it easier for white people to convert nutrients into protein for muscle synthesis in a single diet structure, thereby making their bodies stronger and stronger in terms of strength.

Aside from the genetic level, different cultures can also lead to differences in the development of human physiques. From the point of view of European and American people eating a lot of meat, their diet is not healthy, but they have a very advanced exercise culture.

Exercise can increase bone density and muscle mass, while also having a large impact on height. On the other hand, many Chinese people with more reasonable food composition, although the nutrition is more balanced and comprehensive, but the body has not become strong, but very bloated. It shows that the diet of the Chinese people is not bad, but it is just a serious lack of exercise.

Is It Due to White People Eating Meat Food?

Humans don’t necessarily have to eat a lot of meat in their diet to get stronger. On the contrary, there is no reasonable exercise but will make the fat accumulation serious. The gladiators in ancient Rome used barley as their main food, so they were called “barley eaters”, but their fighting and slaughter all day gave them strong bodies.

Similarly, modern power athletes are also restricted from eating too much meat, and some are even pure prime numbers, because too much protein intake will put a heavier burden on the body, the so-called body stagnation.

From an evolutionary point of view, the human body’s digestive system function is not strong for the digestion and absorption of protein substances, and humans are more suitable for eating seeds, roots, and vegetables rich in carbohydrates and cellulose.

Europe and the United States have a profound culture of exercise and fitness. People who have been strong since childhood and have made achievements in rugby and basketball are even more popular than students who simply study well. People who only study but are weak will be called “nerds” by everyone.

In China, under the oppression of exam-oriented education, people are instilled with the idea of learning first at the beginning of the education stage, and the awareness of physical exercise is greatly suppressed. As a result, everyone is a top student in learning and a dwarf in sports. Even if the food in the cafeteria is rich and varied, without sufficient physical activity, how can the body become strong.

Diet structure itself is also an important factor affecting physique. The Chinese diet is rich, but relatively low in high-quality protein and potassium. Western European and American countries are on the contrary, their diets contain a lot of high-quality protein and potassium, including but not limited to beef, lamb, seafood, fresh milk and dairy products.

Protein is necessary to build muscle, and potassium makes muscles more powerful. In China, the large number of lactose intolerant people makes it extremely difficult to promote dairy products. Even though there are many varieties of dairy products on the market, the high-quality protein content in them is far from western standards.

In terms of staple food, Chinese people often eat refined flour, which is the so-called “fine grain”. The bran and germ, which are originally high in potassium in whole wheat, have been removed during processing. Although the refined white flour produced in this way has a better taste, its nutritional content is more simple, only starch.

In terms of attitude towards meat, Chinese people consume far more pork every year than other meats such as beef and mutton. Regular consumption of pork, which has a higher fat content, also makes it harder for Chinese people to have a white people body.

So I think that’s the White People Food make them more stronger than others.

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