What Food Makes You Shorter

Part of the height is innately determined, but the acquired food supplement is also a very important step, and some foods are not conducive to growing taller for children, so what to eat is not conducive to growing taller?

What Food Makes You Shorter

What Foods Make You Shorter

Foods High in Sugar

If children eat a lot of sugar, it will affect the consumption of fat in the body, resulting in the accumulation of fat, not only that, but also affect the body’s absorption of calcium. Studies have shown that if the amount of sugar eaten in a day reaches 16% of the total food, it will disturb the digestive system and cause malnutrition.

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Fried Food

Many food additives are used in the production of fried food and puffed food, such as flavors, preservatives, etc. Although these additives will make the food more delicious, they will also destroy the nutrients in the food. Long-term consumption of these foods will lead to Small children don’t get enough nutrients, resulting in short stature.

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Carbonated Drinks

Children who drink carbonated beverages for a long time are very detrimental to the growth of their bodies. The phosphorus content in carbonated drinks is too high. Drinking carbonated drinks for a long time will cause the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the body, which will have a certain impact on children’s bones and teeth.

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Too Cold Food

The normal body temperature of the human body is 36°C. If you often eat too cold food, it will greatly stimulate the human gastrointestinal tract. These cold and irritating foods will weaken the protective effect of the gastric mucosa, thereby causing gastrointestinal dysfunction. Maximize digestion of nutrients, leading to malnutrition.f

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Puffed Food

Since puffed foods are mostly fried foods, the volume of the food itself has been expanded several times after pressurization, heating and other processes; and the content of sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate in the food is higher than that of other foods, and other beneficial nutrients is very low.

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What Food Should Eat Not to Be Shorter


Milk is rich in elements such as protein and calcium, and it is easily absorbed and transformed by the human body. Therefore, qualified families can let their children drink a glass of milk every day.

Milk is very healthy for children’s growth and development, but don’t drink too much milk, 250 ml per day is enough.

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Sweet Potato Leaves

Sweet potato leaves are also known as the king of vegetables, which means that among all vegetable ingredients, sweet potato leaves have the most abundant nutritional value.

In every 100 grams of sweet potato leaves, the calcium content can reach 188 mg, so it is economical and affordable to use sweet potato leaves to supplement calcium.

More importantly, sweet potato leaves are also rich in chlorophyll, potassium, and dietary fiber, which can well regulate various functions in the body, protect eyesight, and provide the human body with abundant nutrients such as iron and vitamins. The intake of these trace elements is very important for the growth of children.

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Pumpkin contains a lot of carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the child’s body, which can promote the development of the child’s epithelial tissue, not only protect the child’s eyesight, but also promote the child’s bone development. Therefore, pumpkin can also promote the height growth of children.

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