Vietnam Soy Sauce Hits a Great Market Value

Vietnam soy sauce hits $500 million in market value

For many families, there is a kind of condiment that is indispensable. This kind of condiment has an indispensable position in various dipping sauces. This kind of condiment is soy sauce, and soy sauce is a thing in every country. And very different, how about soy sauce in Vietnam?

vietnam soy sauce

Vietnamese soy sauce has a market value of 500 million US dollars, but the raw materials are staggering

In Vietnam, this kind of condiment is indispensable in every family, and there are many production factories. It is also because of this “soy sauce” in Vietnam that it creates a market value of 500 million US dollars for Vietnam every year, and the annual output is as high as 70,000 tons. , arguably the most successful condiment in Vietnam.

So what is the difference between this condiment and our Chinese soy sauce? The biggest difference is the raw materials. The raw materials used to make Vietnamese Soy Sauce are very different from those of Chinese soy sauce. It is even said that the raw materials used to make “soy sauce” in Vietnam are staggering.

The Vietnamese use the same type of fish with salt and water for fermentation. The fermented juice is also called Vietnamese “soy sauce”. Because fish is used for fermentation, it is also called Vietnamese fish sauce.

The production method of Vietnamese fish sauce is complicated, but the raw materials are really simple. Just a single species of fish, water and salt can marinate the popular fish sauce.

The production time of Vietnamese fish sauce is as long as one year. The longer the time, the older the fish sauce, the better the taste. Although the production process of fish sauce is very complicated, I still feel that it is similar to our Chinese “marinating”.

The status of Vietnamese fish sauce in Vietnam should not be underestimated, with an annual market value of US$500 million and an annual output of 70,000 tons, which is an astonishing set of figures. And the reputation of Vietnamese fish sauce has already spread to China.

In the Chaoshan area of China, “Vietnamese fish sauce”, that is, Vietnamese soy sauce, has been very popular in Chaoshan since a very early time, and the deliciousness of fish sauce has also made Vietnamese fish sauce, together with Chaoshan preserved vegetables and sour pickles, known as “Vietnamese fish sauce“. Chaoshan Three Treasures”

Fish sauce is delicious, but don’t overdo it! Since its appearance, fish sauce has been welcomed by many chefs. Many chefs have used fish sauce just right and created many unexpected delicacies.

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