How to Find Best Plum Wine

Nowadays, when people talk about plum wine, they can’t avoid Japanese brands. The plum wine in Chinese supermarkets is often made in Japan, but in fact, whether it is plum or green plum wine, it all comes from China.

Although Plum Wine has only recently attracted everyone’s attention, green plum wine also carries a thousand-year history and is by no means a “newcomer in the wine industry”. As a food, plum has a history of more than 3,000 years. As early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties, people began to eat plum.

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Why Plum Wine Become Popular

Fruit wine-making has a long history, except that wine has become a special kind of wine, the term fruit wine generally refers to other fruit wines except wine. Among them, green plum wine occupies a large part. Green plum is rich in fruit acid. It will feel sour when eaten alone, but it is very suitable for making wine or making wine. That’s the main reason why plum wine become so popular.

The Efficacy of Plum Wine

Because green plums contain special ingredients,plum wine has many health-care effects on the human body. Next, a brief introduction to the efficacy of plum wine:

  • Combat Fatigue: Green plums are rich in natural minerals and vitamins, which can promote metabolism in the human body and help eliminate fatigue
  • Improve Alkaline Constitution: Green plum contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals. It can not only neutralize the acidity of blood, maintain the weak alkaline balance of body fluids, but also prevent various diseases
  • Bactericidal Effect: The organic acid in green plum has a bactericidal effect, can also inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, improve the bactericidal effect in the intestine, and can reduce inflammation and stop diarrhea
  • Promote Saliva Secretion: Green plums are rich in organic acids, which can promote saliva secretion. Saliva helps digestion and increases appetite. This is the reason why green plum wine should be drunk before meals. In addition to the salivary glands that secrete saliva, salivary hormones are also secreted from the larger subauricular glands, which are powerful. Salivary gland hormones can promote cell metabolism and prevent cell aging

In addition, green plum can also promote the metabolism of the stratum corneum of the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and spots. Therefore, it is called the “rejuvenation” hormone. It has also been shown to promote calcification of bones and teeth, as well as promote the growth of surrounding hard tissue.

Women’s Anti-Aging Artifact: Plum Wine

Green plum wine has a certain history in my country. The green plum wine of Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms makes it more famous. Green plum wine has many effects, especially for women.

  • Fight Aging: Green plum has a sour smell, so green plum wine can promote the production of parotid hormones that promote metabolism to achieve the purpose of delaying aging. After drinking, it can make women’s faces look like peach blossoms, their skin will be tight, and they will tend to be younger
  • Regulate gastrointestinal function:Green plums contain catechin, which is a powerful tool that can promote intestinal peristalsis and has a regulating effect on gastrointestinal disorders (especially for constipation)
  • Liver protection and detoxification:Chinese medicine believes that acid dominates the liver, so green plum has the effect of protecting the liver. At the same time, most of the toxins in the human body are detoxified by the liver and kidneys, so green plum also has the effect of detoxification. (Western medicine believes that the active substances contained in green plum fruit seeds can improve the detoxification function of the liver)
  • Prevent the formation of stones: As we all know, stones are formed by calcium in the body. Green plums contain a lot of citric acid, which can easily dissolve calcium. Therefore, green plums prevent the formation of fewer stones

When is the best time to drink Plum Wine

Before and After Meals

Green Plum Wine is rich in fruit acid, fructose, vitamins and other substances. Proper drinking has a certain effect on promoting digestion. Drinking it after meals can stimulate gastric acid secretion and help food digestion. In addition, drinking a small amount of green plum wine before meals can also increase appetite and appetizers, but it should be noted that the amount of green plum wine should not be too much, so as not to stimulate the stomach too much, but reduce the gastrointestinal digestive function.

How much plum wine is appropriate for one time

Recommended no more than 50 ml

Plum Wine is rich in nutrients and contains amino acids, vitamins, cellulose and other beneficial components. Moderate consumption can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body and bring certain benefits to human health. However, because green plum wine is essentially an alcoholic beverage, drinking too much will easily lead to excessive alcohol intake by the human body, which will cause a greater burden on liver and kidney metabolism and affect one’s own health. Therefore, it is recommended to drink the amount of green plum wine at a time. It is more appropriate within 50 ml.

What kind of wine is best for soaking plum wine

Liquor, rum, and sake are more suitable

It is recommended to use white wine, rum, and sake to make green plums. However, in contrast, green plum wine made from white wine and rum is slightly better than sake brewed. Therefore, it is recommended to use white wine, rum Be sure to use rum wine, pay attention to the choice of white wine with fragrance or rice flavor.

Recommend Some Good Plum Wine Brands


The highest-end plum wine produced by Heiwa Brewery, the gold medal at the Mito Plum Wine Conference, and the second place in the Tenman Tenjin Fine Wine Conference. To be able to win these two top authority awards in the plum wine industry shows that the strength is still very capable


The taste of this wine is very unique, sweet and salty, a bit like the preserved green plums that I ate when I was a child, and the aftertaste will last for a long time. Drink alone or mix with other drinks can be brilliant, suitable for one or two people drinking


Recognized as a classic taste, the moment you open her, the fragrance of aged plum wine is exuded, but with the taste of tea, it will not be thick and sour, it is a light and thin gentle plum fragrance, sweet and sour


Have you already Picked up your favorite plum wine? And do not be shy to tell me more if you have any new ideas.

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