What is Best Oyster Sauce Substitute

Oyster Sauce is a must-have item for stir-fries prepared by every household in recent years. Oyster sauce is a soup made from dried oysters and then concentrated. Can I use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce when I don’t have oyster sauce at home?

This is a concern for many families. In the north, most households use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce, while in the south, more oyster sauce is used. So the question is what can I use instead of oyster sauce?

Oyster Sauce Substitute

What is Oyster Sauce Substitute

  1. Can use abalone juice instead of oyster sauce
  2. Dried oysters, add MSG and then fry them with oil, add water and cook them into juice, you can replace the oyster sauce
  3. Soy sauce + sugar + salt can modulate similar colors and tastes like Oyster Sauce
  4. If you need umami, you can add abalone juice or other seafood (dried) to the boiled soup

Oyster sauce is not the edible oil we often say, but a seasoning. It is best to use it when cooking hot dishes, salad oil or olive oil is better for cold dishes.

The use of oyster sauce is extremely convenient, and the seasoning range is very wide. Any salty food can be seasoned with oyster sauce. Such as noodles, vegetables, meat, fish stew, oyster soup and so on. There are many procedures for making oyster sauce. The most important step is to boil fresh oysters with water to the ideal viscosity. This step is also the most time-consuming procedure. To make high-quality oyster sauce, it should have the umami taste of oysters.

Many people think that oyster sauce is a kind of fat. In fact, oyster sauce, like soy sauce, is not fat, but a seasoning. The soup made from oyster (dried oyster) is oyster sauce after being filtered and concentrated.

Can I use other oil when I don’t have oyster sauce at home?

Northerners mostly use soy sauce to be a Substitute, while southern coastal people mostly use oyster sauce, so many northerners come to the south and think that there are two names for the same thing, but they are not. To put it simply, the raw materials of the two are different.

Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce is made from oysters, which are boiled and concentrated, and refined with accessories. Oyster sauce is delicious, rich in oyster fragrance, moderately viscous, and has high nutritional value. It is also the main ingredient for preparing traditional Cantonese dishes such as oyster sauce, fresh mushrooms, beef, oyster sauce vegetables, and oyster sauce noodles.

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is divided into brewed soy sauce and prepared soy sauce.

The so-called brewed soy sauce and the so-called prepared soy sauce have different meanings. Brewed soy sauce refers to a liquid condiment with special color, aroma and taste made from soybean and/or defatted soybean, wheat and/or bran by microbial fermentation

The prepared soy sauce refers to a liquid condiment prepared with brewed soy sauce as the main body, acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein seasoning liquid, food additives, etc. There is no chloropropanol problem in “brewed soy sauce”, only “prepared soy sauce” may contain chloropropanol.

Oyster Sauce is a good health care product for all ages. It is especially suitable for the weak and malnourished. It is also suitable for supplementing elements for children, which can promote the development of intelligence and body. It is about 40 grams per day. Using proper oyster sauce to marinate meat can remove its meaty smell, supplement the lack of original meat flavor, add the strong aroma of dishes, and make the taste more delicious.

Precautions for eating oyster sauce and mixing of condiments are particular

Not only can oyster sauce be seasoned alone, but it can also be used in combination with other seasonings. Seasoning with oyster sauce must not be shared with spicy seasonings, vinegar and sugar. Because these seasonings will mask the umami of oyster sauce and damage the special flavor of oyster sauce

Long cooking will lose the Umami

If oyster sauce is cooked in a pot for a long time, it will lose its umami and allow the oyster aroma to escape. Generally, it is advisable to add oyster sauce immediately before or after the dish is hot. If it is not heated and seasoned, the taste will be inferior. Especially when stewing dishes, it is advisable to use medium and slow fire

Mix with broth and thicken

When using oyster sauce to make goreng sauce, it should be noted that the glutinous rice should not be directly added, but should be mixed with the stock and diluted to make the goreng juice. The oyster sauce is best when the dishes are mature. It is easier to develop color and has a strong oyster flavor. It should not be used in the operation of the soy pot.

Good seasoning for marinated food

Oyster sauce is also a good seasoning for marinated ingredients, which can make the unique umami of oyster sauce penetrate into the interior of the ingredients and increase the taste and texture of the dishes. When cooking meat viscera, marinating in oyster sauce can remove the fishy smell of the viscera, making the sauce fragrant and fresh. Using proper oyster sauce to marinate meat can remove its meaty smell, supplement the lack of original meat flavor, add the strong aroma of dishes, and make the taste more delicious.

Avoid high temperature cooking

Generally used as seasoning, it has special umami, but avoid cooking at high temperature, otherwise it will lose its unique umami and nutrients.

The above are some specific introductions about what is the oyster sauce substitute.

After reading the introduction of the editor, do you have a deeper understanding of oyster sauce? So can we use these to replace oyster sauce in our daily life?

Of course, there are many other options, and you can choose the one that suits you according to your taste.

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