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We’re going on a chicken tender bender. Let’s talk about that. Chicken fingers tenders are truly one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels of man-chicken teamwork. All the fun of fried chicken with none of the bones to remind you that it was once a cluckin’ creature. That’s why we gonna share new zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings Menu today.

We never did anything with chicken though. It was quite a disappointment, that’s why I’m doing this now. When do we get to make chicken fingers. But which chicken strip reaches the tip of craftsmanship? There’s only one way to find out. It’s time for Chickity fingers, the fingered chicken. Have a guess as to which one we’re lickin’s. We’re going to be blindly tasting six rounds of fast food chicken fingers and ranking them on a scale of one to 10.

New zaxby's chicken fingers

Chicken Fingers Menu

We have a chicken recipe that we make using pickle juice, and butter milk, and garlic, and special flour, and Panko bread and this whole thing. Pickle juice and butter milk make such a great brine. So it makes this great brine, so we got in to make a great fried chicken. So start off with a little season flour, so just a little bit of salt and pepper. We know that routine. Right. And then what we’ve got here, we’ve got some chicken tenders that have been brined for about two hours. Actually, let me give this a little stir. And that, yeah, I’ll do it.

Now over into some Panko bread crumbs. You wanna grab that? Extra crispy. Yep, some corn starch. Corn starch loves to be fried. A little bit of flour. AP flour, corn starch, Panko. Salt and pepper. S and P. There we go, look at the team we are. Garlic. Little onion powder. Little paprika. Paprika! There we go. I’ll do the stirring! Boom! Now this is where things are gonna get weird. All right. This is where things are gonna get weird. Mix that up. That corn starch is really key. That’s gonna give you the extra crispy crunchies. Extra crispy crunchies. What happens is the wet chicken collects the flour, the flour collects the egg wash, and the egg wash now collects the corn starch and the bread crumbs, but here’s where the key is, Rach, and you know this, but I’ll just go over it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We pile on top, and then- You gotta do the press.

We give it a little press. We’re not tenderizing these ’cause we don’t wanna break ’em down and lose their texture. So we give them a little press like that. You just want that coating to stay on it. Give it a little shake. Now the key to this is let ’em rest a bit so all that, so all of that adheres onto it. And settles in and crusts up. Exactly, hit it with a little bit of cooking spray. Your favorite can. There’s a Canola spray here, and that will help it brown a little bit, but you’re getting really great heat, you’re getting great heat circulation, and then what takes. And it’s an air fryer.

buffalo wings Menu

From anywhere in the world, if you mentioned Buffalo, New York, probably the first thing to come out of their mouth is chicken wings. The story goes that, in 1964, a bunch of friends were super hungry. They came over and asked, Can you make us something to eat? The owner, Teressa Bellissimo, threw these chicken wings in the deep fryer, served them with the hot sauce. Thus, a legend was born here in Buffalo, New York. I think they definitely were the first one to cut the wings in half and to serve it with the hot sauce. But, certainly, chicken wings were definitely being served in Buffalo prior to 1964. No one was selling chicken wings in Buffalo before John Young. He was always innovative, always thinking of something. He introduced the city to chicken wings.

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