Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce

Nowadays, more and more people like to make their own food. Most of these people have experienced the process of making food, and most of them have an experience, that is, when cooking, there are really many kinds of seasonings. And each seasoning has a different effect, and each seasoning has a different brand, so it’s really easy to make people dazzled. Dark soy sauce is also a seasoning that needs to be used in the process of cooking, so what is mushroom dark soy sauce? Do you know the answer to this question?

mushroom dark soy sauce

1. What is Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce

Fresh straw mushrooms are one of the very delicious edible mushrooms. It is full of nutrition. Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce is made by adding freshly dried straw mushroom juice to high-quality dark soy sauce and concentrating it by dew drying. The soy sauce has a unique mushroom-shaped aroma based on the original soy sauce, and the umami in the straw mushrooms. The substance also increases the freshness function of dark soy sauce, making straw mushroom dark soy sauce unique in adding color and freshness to dishes, far ahead of other traditional dark soy sauce products.

2. Will cooking with Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce be too salty?

It is mellow and natural without adding too much salt, so there is no need to worry about making the dish too salty. For daily cooking and stir-frying, just a few drops can make the dishes bright and rosy, full of delicious flavor!

How to Select and Purchase

80% of consumers have never paid attention to the content on the soy sauce bottle, and the information related to the quality of soy sauce is basically reflected on the small bottle sticker, so that consumers can basically distinguish the quality of soy sauce. The survey also reminds consumers that, firstly, to buy products from big brands, secondly, they should master some common sense of soy sauce consumption and become a real soy sauce expert.

1.Raw Material

High-quality soy sauce Strictly select high-quality defatted soybeans and high-quality wheat as raw materials for product production, and strictly control pesticide residues and preservative residues in raw materials.


In a prominent position on the bottle sticker, the manufacturer will indicate the type of soy sauce. According to different production methods, soy sauce can be divided into three categories: brewed soy sauce, prepared soy sauce and chemical soy sauce. Among them, the brewed soy sauce produced by natural fermentation of microorganisms has the best taste.


Among the many preparation methods, the most representative ones are “low-salt solid-state high-temperature fermentation process” and “high-salt dilute low-temperature fermentation process”. The latter is the traditional “juice extraction method” left to us by our ancestors in China. The selection of ingredients is stricter, and the aroma and umami are more prominent. Under low temperature conditions, it is naturally fermented for three months or even half a year. The good fermentation state of microorganisms produces a lot of “delicious” amino acids and other beneficial components, and realizes the rich sauce flavor of brewed soy sauce.

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