Low Sodium Oyster Sauce

Oyster Sauce is a common condiment in life. There are many brands of oyster sauce. Different brands of oyster sauce will have different qualities, and the content of the ingredients in it is also different. Usually, oyster sauce will contain sodium. But it is not that the higher the sodium content, the better. Generally, low-sodium oyster sauce is better than high-sodium oyster sauce.

Low Sodium Oyster Sauce

Which better? More or less sodium in oyster sauce?

The content of sodium in oyster sauce is also the key to measuring the quality of oyster sauce. The lower the sodium content in oyster sauce, the better the quality of such oyster sauce than oyster sauce with high sodium content.

The salty taste of oyster sauce comes from the sodium element contained in it, which also makes it impossible to eat too much oyster sauce. The harm of eating too much oyster sauce, just like eating salt and soy sauce, will increase the intake of sodium in the body, and the intake of too much sodium will lead to the imbalance of potassium and sodium in the body, which is prone to high blood pressure. Especially for the elderly.

When buying oyster sauce, you also need to look at the ingredient list. The higher the sodium content, the stronger the flavor of the oyster sauce, i.e. the saltier it is. When cooking, the amount of salt should be halved and then halved, otherwise you will find it salty.

You can compare the sodium content with the oyster sauce you are using. The lower the sodium content, the lighter the flavor of the oyster sauce, and the higher the sodium content, the stronger the flavor. This further explains why you don’t feel the same after changing the oyster sauce because you’re used to the taste. If you change the sodium content of the oyster sauce, there will be a gap.

The Usage of Oyster Sauce in Cooking

  1. Oyster sauce contains sodium glutamate, a refreshing substance. Sodium glutamate changes when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, when using oyster sauce, it is best to add the oyster sauce when it is out of the pan to increase the freshness of the oyster sauce
  2. Don’t use oyster sauce for flavoring, such as some sour beets and fried dishes, because the sugar and vinegar in the sour beet will react with the sodium glutamate in the oyster sauce, resulting in an off-flavor; most oyster sauces have a caramel color. It is easy to burn when frying food. In addition to having a bad color, it can also have a bitter taste. Therefore, do not use oyster sauce when cooking
  3. Do not use oyster sauce when cooking soups because oyster sauce contains starch and thickening substances. Adding oyster sauce to soup is not only unsightly, but also not refreshing
  4. When cooking and steaming seafood, it is not necessary to use oyster sauce because oyster sauce itself is an extract of raw oysters. Adding oyster sauce to fresh seafood has the feeling of drawing a snake and adding enough

The Cooking Effect of Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce is one of many condiments. It plays the following roles: coloring, preservation, preservation, flavoring, and sterilization. First, master its strength and heat, then mix it with other seasonings. If used properly, it can reach the end, but on the contrary, it can be self-defeating.

Taboos of Eating Oyster Sauce

  1. Oyster sauce tastes sweet and should not be used with spicy condiments. Its freshness can be overshadowed by these spicy flavors and it loses its savory character when cooked
  2. People with gout and sugar diseases are better off avoiding such things. Oyster sauce is high in purines, which is a risk in this group of people. please remember

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