Is Soy Sauce Acidic?

Soy Sauce is the most common condiment in our daily life, but many people want to know, is soy sauce acidic?

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Is Soy Sauce Acidic or Not

Well, The PH of soy sauce itself is slightly acidic, but according to the acidity and alkalinity of food, soy sauce is an alkaline food. The acidity and alkalinity of food are mainly determined by the acidity and alkalinity of the substances produced after the food is completely digested in the body. Although soy sauce contains lemon Acid, lactic acid and other organic acids, but these organic acids have alkali-forming effects, and soy sauce contains a variety of metal ions, so most of its metabolites are alkaline. From this point of view, soy sauce is an alkaline food.

So do you think the soy sauce is acidic or not?

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