How to Make Gluten Free Dark Soy Sauce

Today we want to make you some gluten free dark soy sauce.

Now you have the light soy sauce which tends to be a little more salty but they also sell what is called dark soy sauce. Now that one is natural salty and it’s more sweet, that is used more as a coloring agent. So we’re going to make our very own homemade gluten free dark soy sauce now. If you are gluten free what you can use is tamari soy sauce which is a gluten free soy sauce. Then that’s what I have here, this is a half cup of tamari soy sauce which I like absolutely free of course if you are not lose your free. You can just use regular soy sauce.

Gluten Free Dark Soy Sauce

Well we have a half a cup of soy sauce here, we have 1 cup of brown sugar and we have 1/4 cup of water, so this is very simple. This is all that we want to use in order to make on a dark soy sauce, this is one version at another time.I will show you how to make another version of the gluten free dark soy sauce, so what we’re going to do is head over to the stove and start our preparation now. Another little suggestion or a tip that I could give you is that if you want to infuse your dark soy sauce with some flavor, you can also add a garlic or ginger if you so desire.

Alright so let’s head over to the stove. So to our pan I’m going to add them sugar and I’m just going to say this until a devout as well as continue like this. Until this the liquid data I want it darkened then we would add the soy sauce, so you’re going to serve us until everything is resolved and if all the sugar after the sugar dissolve, we will stop stirring it.

I just allow it to become dark, we will sell it on high heat but when we substrate, we will turned on the heater on medium-low and just allow it to darken and then as a seduction will add in the soy sauce. Of course you have to be careful because at that point it can bubble up so we have to be careful when we add in the soy sauce stir it and then leave it to cool. Then you can see it’s bubbling up. Now I’m just going to stir it a little more because I want to make sure that all the sugar has dissolved and then I will stop stirring on a lower to darken because we wanted to get to the color molasses.

So as you can see at this point that it’s starting to thicken and get a little darker. So at this point I’m going to add in soy sauce and I said this is Tamari which is a gluten-free soy sauce. So I’m going to add it in at this point in time and then I’m just going to continue to stir until this thickens up. So I’ll be back when it says the second up. We just want to continue stirring this one until it becomes thick. If we take a look on our sauce here we can see where it’s really starting to darken up and get into the young, it looks like molasses. So I think at this point in time, I will turn off the stove now and then we will pour this into a jar that we can stove in the fridge and use whenever we’ll need some dark soy sauce.

Okay guys our gluten free dark soy sauce is now complete. I hope you found this tutorial to be helpful. Please feel free to share and write down you comments here.

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