How Many Calories in A Roast Dinner

Do you know how many extra calories will increase when having a roast food? Today I’m here to help you estimate it.

roast dinner

How many calories are there in common roast foods?

A small string is 15 g weight, about 30 kcal/string, and a large string may have 30 g, about 60 kcal/string.

One is about 50 g weight, about 90 kcal, a bunch of chicken wings is 2, about 180 kcal/string.

There are thick cuts and thin cuts, generally about 10~15 g/piece, we calculate according to 10 g, about 196 kcal per 100 g, convert each piece of beef tongue about 20 kcal, a bunch of generally 2~3 pieces, that is, 40~60 kcal/ About the string, I calculated according to 50 kcal/string as a compromise.

Generally, a bunch of about 40 g~50 g, I calculated according to the smaller amount, about 80 kcal/ bunch.

Common squid generally weighs about 70 g, about 70 kcal/string.

One is about 20 g, the edible part is 7 g, about 4 Kcal/piece, but the heat of adding vermicelli and garlic will increase. In comparison, scallops can be eaten a little more.

A common grilled shrimp is about 15 g, edible part is 9 g, a bunch of 2, about 18 Kcal/skewer, shrimp is also good, high-quality protein, and the calories are relatively low.

An eggplant is about 150 g, about 32 Kcal/piece, and the one with cheese is another matter.

Due to the wide variety and the weight standard of the roasting stall is too inconsistent, it will not be calculated for the time being.

How Many Calories Do You Take in for a Roast Dinner?

Girls’ BBQ Menu

  • Kebab (small skewers): 5 skewers, 150 Kcal
  • Coke: 1 can, 140 Kcal

Then I asked the girls and friends, and they all said:

“That’s so little”;

“The way you eat, even the plate can no t be full”


The above is the “low-end version” of the girls’ barbecue menu, which is about 548 Kcal in total. If you add more grilled oysters, grilled chicken skin, grilled sausage, grilled tenderloin, grilled potatoes, grilled steamed buns, grilled corn, grilled vegetables, etc., it will easily exceed 700 Kcal/meal.

Boys’ BBQ Menu

  • Kebab (small skewers): 10 skewers, 300 Kcal
  • Beer: 1 bottle, 192 Kcal

Then I sent it to my boys and friends, and they all said:

“Only 10 mutton skewers?”;

“Give me another beer”.


This “low version” of the boys’ barbecue menu has a total of about 1140 Kcal. If you add grilled oysters, grilled bullfrog, grilled chicken skin, grilled tenderloin, grilled potatoes, grilled steamed buns, grilled corn, grilled vegetables, etc., it can easily exceed 1300 Kcal/meal.

How long does it take to consume these calories by exercising when eating a roast food ?

As a friend said: Is there any happiness in life without a barbecue every month? Then let’s calculate, for those of you who want to stay in shape, how long do you have to exercise to consume the extra calories after a roast dinner?

Let’s take jogging (8 km/h) as an example:

A girl can consume 196 Kcal after jogging for half an hour. After eating a barbecue, she consumes 700 Kcal, and it takes 1 hour and 47 minutes to jog.

A boy jogging for half an hour can consume 264 Kcal. After eating a barbecue, he consumes 1300 Kcal. Like a girl, he needs to jog for 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Then, we’ll get that: Eat 1 roast dinner ≈ 2 hours of running.

So, do you still want a roast dinner with this too many calories?

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