Must-Try Gowanus Restaurants in Brooklyn, NYC

The Gowans is one Extended area in Downtown Brooklyn. It is Below Boruem Hill, Parkslope west, near Redhook.

Gowanus Restaurants

The main residence is mainly close to 4th Avenue, and also along the traffic trunk. Line RFG Cart. Then the west of 3rd Avenue is mainly an industrial area.

This neighborhood is dominated by white high-income people and the composition of the population in the Parkslope area is basically similar.

If you’re looking for some yummy foods that must try in the city, there are several essential Gowanus Restaurants recommend.

Gowanus Restaurants NYC You Should Visit

Red Peony Chinese Cuisine Brooklyn, NYC

The store is not too big, with the first floor and second floor and outdoor dining area. The decoration is exquisite and very foreign. It is very suitable for family dinners and friends.

Red Peony Chinese Cuisine

This restaurant serves Shanghai Cuisine, as well as Huaiyang Cuisine, Cantonese-style dim sum, etc. There are many dishes on the menu, many of them look delicious and healthy. You’ll find the impressive dinners dishes as the following.

Coconut Chicken Soup: The sweet coconut fragrance is paired with the stewed chicken. It is really happy to drink something warm after being tempered by the cold wind.

Deep-fried leek and shrimp dumplings: The dumpling skin is crispy and the shrimp is really pleasant to bite. Shrimp dumplings with different flavors and Green dishes. Shrimp dumpling lovers would be excited to see so many kinds of shrimp dumplings. There are original, topped and salad shrimp dumplings. Salad shrimp dumplings are sweet and sour with the feeling of pineapple shrimp. The dipping sauce is also sweet.

Large Meatball: Try Huaiyang cuisine too, the gravy is fragrant, I can’t help crying when I see them being cut open

Garlic Chicken: This is so delicious! ! Garlic Crispy Special Sauce Very Satisfying

Location: 24 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

WAU Gowanus Restaurants

WAU is worthy of being the restaurant of New York Southeast Asian Chef Salil. The dishes taste here is very satisfying. This restaurant combines cuisines from three regions of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. Everything you ordered is very delicious. Those who like to eat Southeast Asian cuisine with a sweet taste must come and try.


Dishes Recommend:

Salted Egg Yolk Lobster Noodle |Charred lobster tail

The plump lobster is so heavy that a spoon can’t hold it! The meat is firm and plump, topped with minced garlic. The salted egg yolk in the noodles has a strong taste, similar to the potato chips in Irvins Singapore, but unfortunately it lacks the aroma.

lobster noodle

Penang Fish

There is no thorn in the soft and tender fish, and the fish skin is quite crispy.

Salt & Pepper young coconut

The crispy crust and the soft and tough coconut meat are a wonderful contrast, and it’s delicious whether it’s dipped in hot sauce or served with a savory side dish on the bottom.

Curry Pimento | Roti Telur

The omelette is thick and fragrant. If you are looking for a crunchy texture, you can order Roti Canai. The salty and rich curry sauce is so popular that many dishes are dipped in it.

Location: 434 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Atlas Kitchen Gowanus Restaurants

A restaurant full of Chinese style, the overall environment design presents the theme of “mountain and sea” in a concise way. Whether it is decoration or tableware, it has its own style, and every shot has a sense of luxury. It’s near Columbia University, let’s try it.

Atlas Kitchen

Menu to order

Crab White Soup

It really deserve to try. There are a lot of crabs in it. The thick white soup has a faint taste of crabs, and there are some soft tofu in it.

white soup

Boiled Fish

The boss said that he didn’t want to do the same as others, because everyone was used to eating boiled meat dishes, so he asked the chef to create this boiled fish, although the color was not the same red as the boiled fish that we usually eat. Yes, but this one doesn’t taste bad! Spicy and numb, and lots of fish! So tender!

The owner talked to us a lot about the design style and menu design of this restaurant. This restaurant is completely made by his own thoughts and the designer’s processing, it feels really thoughtful.


Location: 258 W 109th St, New York, NY 10025

Gallaghers Steakhouse Gowanus Restaurants

Nearly a hundred years since it opened in 1927, it’s the only restaurant in New York that still cooks steak the old-fashioned way (on hickory charcoal).

The overall tone of the store environment is composed of dark red and brown, the leather sofa is full of high-end sense, and there are many pictures of celebrities and the restaurant from different eras hanging on the wall.

Recommended Dishes:

T-bone Steak

The steak is tender, juicy, not greasy, and tastes great.

Special Double Rib

The taste is also very good, recommended!

Location: 228 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Estiatorio Milos Brooklyn Restaurants

The best Mediterranean Food in New York City. This restaurant is super delicious and it’s in the Hudson yard so you can see the vessel. I’m actually a person who doesn’t like Mediterranean food or Greek food so much, but I still have my famous saying, it’s not that western food is bad, it’s just that you haven’t eaten good western food.

best Mediterranean Food

The wine recommends that you drink Santorini, which is the color of the sunset and is relatively light and delicious.

Raw Oyster is delicious, half from the west coast oyster, the other half from the east coast, it depends on which you like to eat.

Milos Special is fried eggplant and thin slices of zucchini, but they are so fragrant that they can’t stop, and there’s yogurt sauce underneath.

Salmon Tartare is delicious especially the french fries.

Salmon Tartare

Location : 20 Hudson Yards, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10001

Vinegar Hill House Restaurants

It is a relaxed restaurant in an unassuming and historical part of the Brooklyn waterfront. His intent is to use the best ingredients possible through developing relationships with like-minded produce, meat and fish producers, to compose artful and satisfying eats out of our wood-fired oven.

Serve Time:

Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm;
Friday & Saturday evening from 5:30 pm to 10 pm

Address: 72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tuffet Gowanus Restaurants

Well, Tuffet is not only a bar,it is a great place with over a dozen artisanal cheeses and eight cooked and cured meats,where you can find a friendly bartender, solid tunes.

Address: 286 Graham Ave.Brooklyn, NY 11211

Nura Gowanus Restaurants

It is serving Indian-accented New American fare and thoughtful wine & cocktails in a lively setting.

Serve Time:

Dinner | Mon, Wed – Sat | 5:30 – 10:30
Dinner | Sun | 5:00 – 9:00
Brunch | Sat – Sun | 11:00 – 3:00

Address: 46 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Rucola Gowanus Restaurants

It offers reservations for parties of six and more most tables are still held for walk-ins and our daily waitlist and it is an intimate Northern Italian restaurant on a historic corner.

Address: 190 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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