10 Best Glass Cooking Pot and Glass Cookware Brands

Glass Cooking Pots are very popular these days. Many people want to get a glass cooking pot.

But what are the advantages of glass cooking pots?

1. A wide range of uses:

In addition to the general family most commonly used gas stove, glass pot can also be directly put into micro Wave furnace heating, better than metal pot can not microwave shortcomings. Can also serve as a baking utensil into the oven, and other POTS and pans. Compared with more diverse cooking methods, frying, frying, frying, braising, bittern, roasting. You can almost always use a glass pan.

2. It is safer to touch food:

The all-IN-ONE Glass Cooking Pot, unlike the non-stick pan with coating or heavy metal surface, has no chemical concerns and is considered to be quite safe for cooking.

3. Retain and do not retain the odor of food ingredients:

Glass pot with smooth surface without pores, cooking can fully retain the original taste of food ingredients; Therefore, it is not easy to adsorb food odor or residual stains, and it is easy to clean and deodorize.

Therefore, we’ve collected some famous brands of Glass Cooking Pot and Glass Cookware for you.

Corelle Brands

Corelle Brands is a world famous brand of kitchenware and supplies. It has launched a rich product line of tableware, POTS, knives, fresh-keeping containers, water cups and kettles in China. Its brands include Corelle, Visions, Revere, Corningware, Swiss Diamond, World Kitchen, Snapware, Pyrex.

Corelle Tableware was originally owned by Corelle Inc., a Fortune 500 company founded by Amory Houghton Sr., who moved the company to Corning, New York, and renamed it Corning Corporation. In order to gain greater expansion in the field of kitchen utensils, Corelle Tableware Co., LTD was founded.

Corning Tableware has launched a rich product line in China, such as tableware, POTS and pans, knives, crisper containers and water cups and kettles, etc. Its brands include Corelle, Visions, Revere, Corningware, Swiss Diamond, World Kitchen, Snapware, Pyrex, which can well meet various needs from meal preparation, cooking, to serving and storage. Let modern family kitchen life full of fun.


Founded in 1825, French Archery Group is a brand of pure glass products, one of the world’s largest glassware suppliers. It is renowned for its rich French flavor and selection of tempered glass materials.

Luminarc is a pure glass product brand owned by Bow and Arrow. Like French Bow and Arrow, Luminarc brand has a history of more than 180 years and enjoys a good reputation all over the world. Luminarc inherits century-old glass making technology, integrates high-tech and professional technology, integrates art and fashion into the design, presenting the art of life beyond products.


Founded in 1968, it is a Fortune Global 500 enterprise, a world-class manufacturer and brand of white goods. It is a global technology group that integrates consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and automation systems, intelligent supply chain (logistics), and covers many professional brands such as Midea, Cygnet, Toshiba, Hualing, and Bugu.

Midea was founded in 1968, “to do good science and technology, life to the best of beauty”, Midea group adhering to the business philosophy with science and technology to create a better life, after years of development, has become a collection of smart home business group, mechanical and electrical business group, hvac and building group, robots and automation group, digital innovation business five major parts for the integration of global technology group, Its products and services benefit about 400 million users in more than 200 countries and regions. Forming Midea, Little Swan, Toshiba, Hualing, Bugu, COLMO, Clivet, Eureka, Kuka, GMCC, Weiling and other multi-brand combinations.

Midea continues to strengthen research and development investment, layout of global R&D resources, the construction of six R & D centers, covering 33 research fields, from generic basic technology to personalized key technology technology map. In recent years, Midea through cross-border integration, artificial intelligence, digital simulation technology breakthrough, constantly innovate and upgrade products, actively promote the development of the industry.

Midea Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in many product lines. Midea Group builds intelligent manufacturing plants through MBS, automation and information technology, and promotes the business transformation of the whole value chain through T+3 mode to enhance and build world-class manufacturing capabilities and systems.


Founded in 1818 in the United States, the famous brand of glass – wine ware, the United States listed company, specializing in providing glassware, ceramic tableware, metal tableware and plastic products for the food service industry and consumer market.

The Libbey Group was founded in 1818 and is known for its many brands. Libbey supplies glassware, ceramic tableware, metal tableware and plastic products to the foodservice and consumer markets worldwide. It has over 7,000 employees in the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal and China, and exports to more than 100 countries. It has 6 glass manufacturing plants on 3 continents, 2 in Toledo, Ohio and Shreveport, Louisiana. Two factories are located in Leerdam, Holland, Europe, and Marinha Grande, Portugal; one factory is located in Monterray, Mexico, and one factory is located in Langfang, China. More than 1 billion glasses are produced and sold every year. Turnover is expected to reach $800 million. Libby shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LBY.


Founded in 2012, it is a large-scale glassware manufacturer in China. It is an industrial enterprise focusing on R&D/manufacturing/sales of glass products, covering storage bottles/kitchen practical glass/decorative glassware/glass crisper and other products.

Jinan Taiyou Glass Products Co., Ltd. started in 1970, based on more than 40 years of glass manufacturing and glass products research and development experience, product line covers various fields of daily glass: Including ordinary glass (storage bottles, kitchen utility glass and decorative glassware, etc.), borosilicate glass (crisper containers, POTS, etc., can be safely used in the microwave oven) and colored glass (color into the glass), etc.


Shandong HIGLAS Group was founded in 1981, the specialty is engaged in the research and development and production of all kinds of glass products, products include microwave oven, electric oven dedicated glassware crisper/glass/glass observation window/microwave oven automatic platen washing machine chassis/automobile lamps and lanterns glass/plating/all kinds of form a complete set of table glass shell of glass pot series and ordinary household glassware series.


The glassware brand of Shandong Yaohui Group focuses on the manufacture and supply of high borosilicate Pyrex glassware, including crisper, baking tray, crystal cooker, abalone plate, microwave oven turntable and so on.

Mr. Xu Yuhe, the founder of Lehejia, entered the glass manufacturing industry in the 1980s, and has been focusing on the research, application, improvement and upgrading of glass manufacturing technology for more than 30 years. The team led by him is also committed to the core technical field of the manufacturing industry, and strives to sharpen itself and polish fine products with the spirit of craftsman. Lohe Family is looking forward to passing on the focus and enthusiasm of “enjoy it” to users, and bringing users pleasant life experience through Lohe Family’s products.


Founded in 2007, it is a daily glass products company with glass products as its main business, including design, development, production and sales. Its main business is beer bottles and glassware. The emerald green beer bottles it produces are special beer bottles for “Snow Beer”.

Anhui Kangtai Glass Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Lu ‘an Economic and Technological development zone, Lu ‘an is a key private joint-stock enterprise. Company was founded in 2007, the company existing staff of nearly 1300 people, specialized technical operation personnel 560 people, factory covers an area of 260 mu, with the domestic advanced glass production line, annual production capacity of 120000 tons, annual output value of about 500 million yuan, is a dominated by glass products, set design, development, production, sales in the integration of daily-use glass products co., LTD.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the professional, refined, diversified, international development road, with its leading technology development level, excellent product quality, full integration of the service concept to win the market. After years of steady development.

Did you already pick up your favorite Glass Cooking Pot?

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