Dibs Ice Cream Reviews and How Made

Whether at the theater or at home, in front of a Saturday night flick Dibs have become a bite-sized frozen favorite. So watch this next time you watch a movie you may want to check out this chili alternative to pop corn. Dibs are bite-sized frozen snacks that have a creamy. Dibs Ice Cream center and are coated in a rich chocolate outer shell, no need for a spoon or bowl, these babies are just the right size for grabbing and eating.

Dibs Ice Cream

Look how little and cute those are. Dreyer’s Dibs first rolled off the line in 2005. Nowadays they turn out 22 billion Dibs every year.

Well, Let’s take a look at the history of Dreyer’s Brand development:

Dreyer’s brand was founded in 1928, and the first factory was established in 1948. In June 2002, Nestlé acquired a 67% stake in Dreyer’s, and in January 2006, it wholly acquired Dreyer’s, becoming the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer with a market share of 17.5%. Consolidated the global layout of Nestlé frozen desserts. In December 2019, Nestlé sold its U.S. ice cream business to the Swiss joint venture Froner at a valuation of $4 billion.

So, how is the Dibs Ice Cream? We selected some reviews from the Dibs lovers.


As the most special member of the cold drink industry, ice cream storage and cold chain transportation conditions are quite strict, so most ice cream brands are sold locally. In order to expand its territory, Nestlé and Unilever have adopted the same strategy of acquiring local brands. Well-known ice cream brands such as Peter’s in Australia, the “Milk Company” in Hong Kong, Häagen-Dazs in the United States, and Dreyer in the United States have all been brought under Nestlé’s banner. The latter two It also has a nearly 20% share of the U.S. premium ice cream market.


Different from general brands that pursue the diversification of taste and flavor, Nestlé has a different understanding of ice cream and spends more attention on product form.


Now Rice Cake is a classic Japanese ice cream variety, also known as mochi ice cream. The ice cream is wrapped in glutinous rice skin, and the taste is soft and smooth. Nestle introduced this interesting form to China. The Chengzhen series has snow cake products, including vanilla. and green tea, the taste is fresh and natural, bringing consumers a different way of eating ice cream.

How Are These Dibs Ice Cream Made in Factory?

The Food Network showed us how:

First, we put Milk, sugar and cream mix in enormous tanks. After that we go to the homogenizer, the homogenizer breaks down the fat molecules in the mix to give us a more smooth and creamy and consistent mix. Next they add vanilla flavoring and coloring ingredients, then the mixture flows through frosty pipes to the freezer. Now our ice cream freezer brings the temperature of the mix down to about 23 degrees after three minutes in the freezer. The real fun begins, I bet you didn’t know that tiny chocolate bites actually start out as long strands of ice cream a machine called a distributor forms. The mix into ropes the white ropes take a chilly conveyor ride into a freezer then a slicer dices them into bite-sized pieces next.

The source:

It’s time for the chocolate shell, check out how they dunk all these dibs in chocolate, the little ice cream blocks cruise down a chocolate slide and get a good drenching in the chocolate coating, then they shiver their way into what they call the blast hardening tunnel one against the temperature inside try minus 75 degrees frozen and ready to go the dips danced their way through a series of scales for packaging we pump out 370000 dibs an hour dips fans delight with five different flavors vanilla nestle crunch, nestle drumstick chocolate and mint. While most people like to snack right out of the tub there are other fun ways to enjoy dips.

If you want to make a homemade replica Dibs Ice Cream, We can also teach you how make.


egg yolks5
sugar140 g
milk200 g
Nestle whipped cream300 g
strawberry300 g


  1. Beat egg yolks and 70 grams of white sugar together until the sugar is completely melted, add milk and mix well to form a custard.
  2. Heat the custard over low heat until the back of the spoon hangs. Turn off the heat and cool down. Remember to use low heat during heating and do not let the custard boil.
  3. Beat Nestle whipped cream and 70 grams of white sugar to 7 distributions, set aside.
  4. Wash and dry the strawberries, make juice and sieve them, add them to the cooled custard, and then add the whipped cream to the custard.
  5. Stir the above mixture evenly and freeze for 1.5 hours, take out and stir once and then continue to freeze, and then stir every hour.
  6. After stirring four times, it can be frozen and stored, and it can be taken out in advance when you need to eat.

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