Most Subscribed Food YouTubers and Cooking Food Videos

We’ve been watching a lot of food Vlog and food videos on Youtube. And we thought why don’t we share with you guys some of the food videos channels that we still watch. Some of these people actually inspired us to get started on Youtube and we are huge fans of some of these people. Then this is gonna be our top top ten food videos list as the following.

Best Food Videos

1. Tasty Food Video

Over 20.2 M Subscribers

The Tasty Channel is under the American Internet Media News and Entertainment Company, Buzzfeed. BuzzFeed is an American news aggregator founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti in New York.

It is dedicated to obtaining subscriptions from hundreds of news blogs and providing users with easy access to the hottest events of the day by searching and sending links to information. It is known as a media industry subversive.

His Youtube Channel:

2. Gordon Ramsay Food Videos Channel

Over 17.3 M Subscribers

Gordon Ramsay is a well-known British celebrity, he’s a chef, television producer and even a writer. He runs many restaurants around many countries. As a top chef in the UK and even the world, he is called “Hell Chef” by the media because of his strictness in various celebrity cooking shows, as well as his pursuit of perfection.

He launched his Youtube Channel around 14 years ago since 2006. And it achieves over 17 millions fans and over 3 billion views till now.

His Youtube Channel:

3. 李子柒 Liziqi Food Videos

Over 14.8 M Subscribers

Liziqi, A famous Creator of short video of food in mainland China. In 2015, Li Ziqi began to shoot food short videos . In November 2016, her short video “Lanzhou Beef Noodles” gained widespread attention. In 2018, Li Ziqi’s original short videos won the YouTube Creator Awards after they were operated overseas.

She has lived with her grandparents since being a child. In order to survive, she always has to learn a lot of survival instincts. After she was 14 years old, Li Ziqi went out to work. Later, because her grandmother was in poor health, Li Ziqi chose to return to her hometown to take care of her elderly grandma. At the age of 16, she began to shoot her own life through small videos, hoping to change the fate of herself and her grandmother through this way.

Finally she changed her life. Her Youtube Channel now got over 15 million fans and above 2.5 billion views.

Her Youtube Channel:

4. Rosanna Pansino Food Videos

Over 12.8 M Subscribers

What would you do when you got 12 million dollars? To buy a house or invest? There is such a girl, she just want to make cakes when she earn enough 12 millions. She is the Cake of Queen on Youtube, Rosanna Pansino.

She is also an actress, author and singer too. Pansino is one of the highest-paid content-creators on YouTube. Her Channel got over 13 million subscribers and 3.5 billion views.

Her Youtube Channel:

5. Nishamadhulika Food Video

Over 11.2 M Subscribers

Does India has Internet Celebrities? In recent years, more and more young Indians have begun to be active on social networking platforms. They have incorporated elements such as songs and dances, food, festivals, travel, and clothing with Indian characteristics into videos, coupled with cool technologies and various filters, attracted a large number of fans.

Nisha Madhulika is one of them own amounts of fans on Youtube. She is an Indian Chef and also a restaurant consultant. Nisha’s Youtube Channel got over 11 millions subscribers and achieved above 2.5 billion views until now.

6. CookingShooking Hindi Food Videos

Over 10.2 M Subscribers

Cooking Shooking Hindi is also an Indian Food Channel, the most difference between its channel with other Indian Channels is that this channel use Hindi Language. Anyway, it has achieved amounts of fans over 10 million subscribers and got more than 1.5 billion views.

His Channel:

7. Bharatzkitchen Hindi Food Videos

Over 9.13 M Subscribers

Bharatzkitchen is another Indian Local Food Youtuber. As you can see, India has many hot Internet Celebrities on Youtube. I think it has something to do with the population of India Country. As one of the reasons is that it has large amount of audience in Indian.

This Channel has more than 9 million subscribers and got over 1.5 billion views right now.

8. Grandpa Kitchen Food Videos

Over 9.06 M Subscribers

It is not uncommon for a person to be famous for food, but it should not be uncommon for a person to be respected from all over the world for making food. This farmer grandpa from India has become a stream on YouTube because of his cooking. Netizens kindly said that he is as kind and kind as his own grandfather.

This Channel ran by Narayana Reddy. It has more than 9 million fans on his Youtube, and got over 1.2 billion views now.

9. Binging with Babish Food Video Channel

Over 8.71 M Subscribers

This channel established in 2006, it is a YouTube cooking channel created by American filmmaker Andrew Rea. The Subscribers numbers have raised to more than 8.8 million and the totally views of this channel is over 2.2 billion.

10. 滇西小哥 DianXi Xiaoge Food Videos

Over 7.2 M Subscribers

滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge is another Chinese Local Food Video Blogger. She was born in YunNan Province China. Compared to Liziqi, She gives me the feeling that she is more like a person who grew up in a rural area and is willing to accept the shaping of herself in the rural area when she grows up, and continue to face the rural life in a decent way.

And the Channel recently has garnered more than 7.2 million subscribers and reached around 2 billion views.

Thank you guys for watching this list of Best Food Youtubers, make sure to comment down below who are your favorite food videos or youtubers in general and we do have a list coming out very soon so make sure to stay tuned and until next time we’ll see you guys later.

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