Newest Popular Birthday Dinner Ideas and Recipes

Is there anyone who, like me, looked forward to the most important day of the year besides Chinese New Year? Birthday is the day when we are born into the world, and also the day when mothers suffer. Therefore, it is very memorable and should be celebrated.

If you get puzzled and it’s hard for you to choose from amounts of recommended Birthday Dinner Ideas online, then here are the newest popular birthday dinner ideas collected from us.

Hawaiian Meatballs for Birthday Dinner

We’re going to do a little meatball hack for this one too. This is my version of Hawaiian Meatballs. We’re going to cheat a little bit with our meatballs, a bit later on. But we’re not going to cheat with the sauce, because it’s really easy to make a great and sweet and sour at home. First off, I need some brown sugar. Some vinegar. Just plain old white vinegar is fine. Some soy sauce and some ketchup. Yes, I know ketchup. But ketchup is a really great ingredient. It has color. It has loads of umami, salty and tangy kind of things going on. So I am not a food snob by any means. And happen to use ketchup in my sauce. It’s like a cheat itself, adding extra flavor.

Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie for Birthday Dinner

You’re gonna love that super easy flaky, buttery pie crust, and wait until you see the filling. It’s unforgettably good. Let’s get started. We’ll start with a rotisserie chicken. You’ll need four cups of cooked, shredded chicken. You can use a store-bought rotisserie chicken or try the easy recipe that I’ll link to in the notes.

This is also a great way to use leftover chicken or even leftover turkey, and you can use light meat or dark meat to make a chicken pot pie. You can use two forks or just use your hands to shred the meat into bite-size pieces. Set that aside, and we’re gonna do some quick prep of your vegetables. Thinly slice eight ounces or half a pound of mushrooms, and brown or white mushrooms are fine. For safer slicing, so the mushrooms have a flat surface, cut the mushrooms in half and then thinly slice. It may seem like a lot of mushrooms, but they do shrink down quite a bit once they’re cooked.

Tropical Pineapple Sangria for Birthday Dinner

This tropical pineapple sangria will make you feel like you’re on the beach wherever you are! Slice one lime, one orange, two cups of pineapple and one mango and put in a pitcher. Now add an entire bottle of white Pinot Grigio wine to your pitcher and then you’ll need some coconut rum. I added about half a cup. Now just add two small cans of pineapple juice which will be about two cups and stir it.

Now add the whole pitcher into the refrigerator and keep it there for about two hours or overnight and then right before you serve it, add a bottle of sprite or whatever bubbly you like. This is just so tasty, I cannot wait for you to try it! Look at how good this looks. Do you feel like you’re on the beach yet? Happy Birthday.

Hibachi Chicken for Birthday Dinner

I’m going to show you how to make hibachi chicken at home for your birthday dinner,a fraction of the cost of what you’d spend at your local Teppanyaki Restaurant. We’ll go over a couple of the most common mistakes I  see with almost every recipe online. And then I’ll show you how to make hibachi chicken even better than any Japanese restaurant you’ve ever been to!

Seared Tomatoes for Birthday Dinner

Today we’re gonna make a seared polenta with these slow-roasted tomatoes and a arugula pesto. This is a wine pairing recipe that goes wonderfully with Pinot noir. So this is a recipe for SIP Certified. So a thing that I like about SIP Certified is it’s not just about the field. It’s not just how they grow things. They also look at the business in general, like how you treat your farm workers, which is really, really important. So the thing that’s great about sustainable wine is not only is it tasty, not only is it delicious, but it’s also good for the planet. So this recipe is made to go with the Pinot noir.

Chicken Skillet for Birthday Dinner

This Chicken Skillet recipe is impressive enough to make it for birthday dinner, and also very easy to make on a weeknight.

Pizza Party for your Birthday Dinner

Pizza is a great choice to celebrate the birthday and share the happiness with your children and your families.

Crockpot Ribs for Birthday Dinner

The main ingredient of stewed pork ribs is pork ribs, which are sweet and salty in taste, flat in nature, and enter the spleen, stomach and kidney meridians. It tastes delicious and is not as greasy as pork belly.

Turkey Meatballs for Birthday Dinner

Turkey meatballs are very easy to make. Mince the lean meat into a stuffing, then add chopped green onion and garlic and some seasoning, then write some flour, put it in the pot and steam it for 15 minutes.

Greek Shrimp for Birthday Dinner

Fresh, plump shrimp tossed with blistered, garlicky cherry tomatoes, feta and herbs, Greek shrimp is the kind of dinner that we could eat to celebrate the birthday.

Well, more Birthday Dinner Ideas are on the way, stay tuned!

Birthday Dinner Ideas

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