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Birmingham, as the second largest city in Great Britain, although it seems to be more industrialized, and the cultural buildings may be somewhat different from that of London, but I think the life there is quite good.

And if you’re looking for some nice good Roast Restaurants in Birmingham, I’ll list them under that you can never miss out.

Birmingham Roast

Birmingham Roast:

Harbinger Music, Skewer & Beer Bar

It’s really nice to have a pure little barbecue in the UK! Northeastern BBQ will brush more sauces on the meat, and it tastes full of sauce flavor. The ingredients are very fresh, and the price is very affordable. Two people are full for £40+. The decoration of the restaurant is relatively simple, and Jay’s songs have been played all the time, and the atmosphere is super good. The boss is very young, the service attitude is very good, there are not many people on weekdays.

Roast pork trotters are a must! At just over two pounds a serving, it’s a bargain! The trotters should be marinated and then roasted. The meat of the Q bomb is fat but not greasy. Personally, I like to bake it a little more.

The baked steamed buns are very good. They are golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sprinkle a little sugar. I remember that when I was a child, the stinky tofu was more fragrant.

Address: 66 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham B5 6NU

Tokyo Izakaya

  1. The Sashimi is very fresh and the sushi is delicious
  2. Especially recommended Volcano Roll and Yakitori series
  3. I ordered a grilled chicken skewer and it was delicious
  4. I don’t recommend the roast beef tongue in Figure 5. It’s really not good.
  5. Fried tempura is not bad, octopus balls are quite satisfactory

Address: 4 Lower Severn St, Birmingham B1 1PU

Crazy Gate 狂门串串香

Here you can eat authentic Northeastern skewers and stir-fry dishes, which satisfy all of our tastes. The restaurant is not big, but it’s neat and comfortable to sit in! There are dozens of types of skewers alone, no less than a specialized barbecue restaurant.

There are many chefs recommend dishes, we ordered kebabs, grilled chicken wings, grilled fat intestines, grilled squid, fresh and delicious, exactly the same as the domestic barbecue, and also ordered some non-spicy ones for children to eat, they like the sweet and sour one the most. Grilled Chicken Wings.

Every dish we ordered is very delicious, especially the salted egg yolk baked prawns and tiger skin, spicy fat sausage, and the children’s and I’s favorite pot-wrapped meat.

Friends who come to Birmingham must not miss this Chinese Restaurant with both authentic barbecue and special fried dishes!

Address: Unit 3 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham B5 6AB

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