How to Find Best Soybean Sauce

What is Soybean Sauce

Soybean Sauce, also known as soybean paste and bean paste, is a traditional Chinese seasoning sauce, which originated in the Western Han Dynasty. It has rich sauce and ester aroma, salty and sweet taste, used in various cooking methods such as dipping, stewing, steaming, frying, mixing, etc.

soybean sauce

The Efficacy of Soybean Sauce

Soybean Sauce or Soybean Paste is made from fried soybeans, ground and then fermented. It has the functions of supplementing nutrition, appetizing, and strengthening the brain.

  • Supplementary nutrition: soybean sauce contains protein, fat and vitamins, as well as calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients. These substances are essential for the work of various organs of the human body. After eating soybean paste, it is good for promoting the normal metabolism of the body
  • Appetizer: soybean sauce not only contains high-quality protein, but also contains a variety of amino acids. Its addition makes people appetite, and has a certain relieving effect on loss of appetite and indigestion
  • Brain-Enhancing: The fat in soybean paste is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and soybean phospholipids, which can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, strengthen the brain and prevent the formation of fatty liver

How to Distinguish the Quality of Soybean Sauce

  • Look at the packaging: high-quality soybean sauce packaging is neat and smooth, and the label font is clear. Inferior soybean paste packaging is rough, the production date and other printing are blurred, and some have ghosting phenomenon
  • Look at the ingredient list: You can also check the ingredient list when purchasing. The simpler the ingredient list, the better the soybean paste. Choose the one with less additives, flavors, pigments and preservatives in the product
  • Look at the production date and shelf life: you should pay attention to whether the labels on the packaging bags are complete, and try to choose products with production dates that are close to the purchase date

So have you figured it out what is the best soybean sauce now?

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