Best Selected Brenda Gantt Recipes

The Sweet and lovely grandma Brenda Gantt, born in 1946, made our lives tastier. A video of her homemade biscuit operation went viral at the time, which catapulted her to fame. Now, she’s one of the best-known internet chefs.

Well then, here is going to share you best selected Recipes from Brenda Gantt.

Brenda Gantt Deviled Eggs

The fisrt Brenda Gantt Recipes is Deviled Eggs. I saw somebody that they put their eggs in hot water, and I never do I just put my eggs in cold water on mine.

Cover my eggs in water then I’m going to turn them on high and I’m gonna cook them about 10-ish minute.

Now when all our eggs have boiled for about 15 minutes. I think it cooked a bit too long. Then here is what to do now. To boil an egg and you have got to remember that the older your egg is the better it peels so if you’re going to the store and buy you a dozen eggs for this special panic you’re having or homecoming at church and you’re expecting to make deviled eggs. You need to buy those eggs at least a week and a half if not two weeks before you want to use them.

Brenda Gantt Orange Slice Cake

Here come the Orange Slice Cake from Brenda Gantt recipe, if you all goes well today, we are going to cook that orange slice cake. We have got a national flag, we’ve got a national bird and I think we need a national cake. And I think it should be orange slice cake because it is so delicious and it lasts forever and it’s got a lot of the good ingredients from all over the place.

First thing we going to do is we’re going to put in a cup of butter,and you all know that’s two sticks and it’s salted butter.We’re gonna put it in our mixer which is right here.I think you do want it to be soft. Then we are going to add on two cups of sugar and I got it right it on two cups.

Barbeque,Potato Salad,Baked Beans

I got this yesterday at the grocery store and it was all special. Let me tell you what it’s called. Pull it off here so you can see it,it’s called country style ribs and they were a dollar and 68 cents a pound. Actually a country style rib all it its is a boston butt cut up and it’s got the bowl in it so in other words here is a one of the what they call the rib, a little pork steak or rib or whatever. Then we are going to cook this on 400 degrees now.

Brenda Gantt Southern Fried Chicken

Well, after watching the Brenda Gantt Recipes Tutorial. We’re going to fry this Chicken today, sometimes I bake it sometimes I boil it whatever. Make chicken salad whatever but I’m gonna fry it today.

I bought a whole chicken, it was eight dollars and 43 cents, a dollar 42 a pound, that ‘s what it actually is. So what you do is you take the chicken out of the package and give him a good washing with good cold water, you don’t want to use hot water on it.

After that, let me drain that off, you don’t want any liquid in your pan, so if you’ve washed your chicken at the end you may see some liquid in it and if you do drain it off, don’t have it on there.So put a little salt over everything. You’ve got that done next what you want to do is to mix that all in good.

Brenda Gantt Loaded Potato

First let us go over the ingredients. We got two large potatoes, we got cheddar cheese and what I said one cup but those are all like estimations. Then we got green onions and the chives and here we got bacon you can use as much bacon as you want it depends on how much bacon you want to put in there. Last a rotisserie chicken.

Now I’m gonna cut those and put that on top. First thing you want to do is you can use any kind of oil but I’m using right there that’s an extra virgin olive, you know what you want to do is to make sure your potatoes all have been scrubbed and washed, which these have already been done and you know in a dry. So then what I did was I just coat them.

Next thing you want to get yourself some foil, once you got your foil you want to get yourself a fork. What you want to do is you want to poke it.I poke it around 10 times

Brenda Gantt Bacon Grease Cream Gravy

In case you don’t know this is a milk-based gravy thickened with a roux made from the rendered fat of meat scraps and why is it called country gravy, because people that live in cities are too smart to eat it.

Anyway, there’s lots of variations and this is my favorite, so here we go.

I’m going to take some fresh breakfast sausage links, I got four of those and some strips of regular smoked bacon. So we’re gonna take the casing off the sausage and we’re simply gonna slice the bacon in like half inch pieces. So once your meat is prepped, we’re going to take skillet with some melted butter over medium heat. So, over medium heat we’re going to cook this as it cooks we’re going to break the sausage up in small pieces. The smaller the better.

Brenda Gantt Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole

Today’s Brenda Gantt Recipe is about how to make healthy homestyle ground beef casserole. This deliciously blended with egg noodles, tomatoes, cheese and seasonings. It’s easy to make it has flavor that makes you more. So stay with me now and I’ll show you how to make this.

  1. For 1 tbsp of olive oil into your frying pan

2. Turn the heat on high and start by adding one quarter pounds beef and salt

3. pepper to taste and fry this until it’s fully cooked and lightly browned

4. Add more hot water and spread a little salt into a medium saucepan and cook one and 3/4 cups of egg noodles, you can cook these according to the package directions but just cook them until they’re just starting to get tender.

5. Drain the noodles and rinse them with some cold water to remove some starch,then chopped one medium onion.

6. Take some fresh garlic and peel it and chop it finely. You’ll need just enough for about two teaspoons.

Brenda Gantt Strawberry Cake

The first time I saw this cake I was just struck by beauty, it’s gorgeous. This cake is unlike any strawberry cake, you might have had and what makes it so special and different is the fluffiness of the sponge combined with the soft whipped cream which goes perfectly with the fresh strawberries. It’s a delicate beautiful delicious cake. Perfect for any occasion.

Start by making the sponge to my egg whites. I’ve added a bit of lemon juice which along with the sugar will help stabilize the egg whites and give structure to our meringue once the eggs start to become foamy, you can start gradually adding the sugar.

We’re making a sponge cake today, so it’s really important we incorporate lots of air into the egg whites, because the cake will get its lift from the meringue.

You’ll notice these cakes pull away from the sides very easily and I love this.

Brenda Gantt Homemade French Fries

Today i’m going to show you how to make restaurant quality french fries. We’re talking golden brown french fries, it is restaurant style not those sad little soggy things you get out of the freezer.

They’re actually from Belgium but in certain parts of Belgium they speak french. So the American had them called french fries. Anyone could cut up a potato and put it in the fryer but without the proper technique you’re likely to get something that’s soggy burnt over cooked.

We’re gonna do these the right way, my ideal french fry. Long and slender golden brown and crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside and really salty.

One of the most important steps to make a restaurant style fry is the preparation. Let’s get these fries ready. For French Fries, choosing the right potato is really important. I’ve chosen russet potatoes like a russet have a higher starch content which means less water. Less water content more starch equals crispier fries. The first step to make our fries is cutting them. I like to use a french mandolin. It gives you nice even straight cuts but you got to be careful. It could be dangerous first thing i’m going to do is set the depth of the fries and i have these big tines here that are going to cut the sides of the fries right.

Brenda Gantt Cook Liver and Onions Recipe

Today we’re gonna cook up some liver, apologies in advance, but not really ’cause liver is awesome. Look at that if you think liver is scary look at this green cutting board now that’s truly frightening. This looks like something from the set of a Freddy Krueger movie but it’s actually a super nutritious and delicious ingredient that you can use for a very basic liver and onions recipe.

Usually if you don’t see it in the meat case you can buy in the frozen section. This was previously frozen you know but I just bought it from the meat case already thawed out and I like seeing it in the meat. Because I can see how thick the cuts are and I like a nice thick cut of liver. You want to buy it and there’s sometimes a silver skin on the outside of the liver but if you buy it you usually don’t have to fool with that although you might find a chewy piece in here.

Liver cooks up super fast it’s a very basic recipe that I’m gonna do today. I’m just gonna heat up a skillet on medium heat throw a little bit of oil in here and get that nice and hot. One thing I like to do before I bread my liver is cut it into some more manageable sizes. It just makes it easier to handle. I’m gonna go ahead and throw a little seasoning on here, well, just a little bit of pepper and put salt garlic powder, whatever you want and you don’t even have to season it too.

Brenda Gantt Cook Pineapple Sandwich

Hello, We’re cooking sandwiches, actually we’re preparing cheese burger with pineapple.This is a braided cheese and egg with butter, not mayo butter mix it and you cannot see mama which is here on the side and she’s preparing our next sandwich which is chicken. The chicken and later we’re gonna make egg salad sandwich , So i didn’t put all the butter. Because i want to see the consistency. Okay now i can add one more brick.

You know what because i’m also using philadel phia cream cheese , so i’m going to mix it up. First go easy on the butter. Do you have a bigger mixing level here, bigger than that. No, but i have the point if you want the big boil .Just something to mix through. This is about four pounds of cheese chopped grilled pepper, which is pineapple and we also squeeze off the water. We use the one in the jar easier it’s. So easy on that. We want to go easy and smooth. This is what makes it different.

I turn it and squeeze it and press it. I press this, so let’s do some of it, i don’t think we need sugar, because this pineapple is so sweet. All right, so that’s it , and if you’re gonna try this let me know how it tastes like.

Making a Cool Drink with Brenda Gantt

We’re doing a special episode for you easy summer cocktails. It is party season and it is the summer time and if you are a cocktail enthusiast like me. You are probably the one that everyone goes to create the cocktails for your parties so. I thought i’d make it easier for you guys this year and give you guys easy and very refreshing crowd-pleasing cocktails to make for your friends and then you can be the hero of all your parties.

The modern Cosmo Drink was created by tony cicchini at odeon in 1988 which is a bar in New York city, and it was made globally famous by its inclusion in the show sex and the city. That made this cocktail a household name um, it also was one of the first craft cocktails to use absolute citron which was a new product at the time that it came out. All right let’s get into the drink. First thing we’re gonna do is one ounce of lime juice ,one ounce of cran berry juice.

The original used ocean spray, i’m using sushi organic cranberry juice but you can do what you like, and then we’re going to do two ounces of absolute citron. We’re going to add some ice to our tin, always like to give it a little double strain and. Then i do use like a little le mon spritz and, there you have it the modern cosmo drink next.

Brenda Gantt Pimento Cheese Recipe

Homemade pimento cheese is the kind of pimento cheese that will turn any pimento cheese hater into a pimento cheese lover. Here’s how you make it. You’re gonna start with four ounces or a half cup of diced pimento peppers, strain them and ditch the juice. Then grab a block of cream cheese, make sure it’s softened and add it to a big bowl, also going in a quarter cup of mayonnaise those drained pimentos. A half tea spoon of garlic powder and a quarter teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of onion powder straight into the bowl for a little heat . Then a vinegary kick hot sauce about a teaspoon.

Well, maybe a little more, it’s fine. Grab a hand held mixer and mix on medium high speed until everything is nice. And combined now, get your grater fresh grated. Cheese is a must, it makes a huge difference in both texture and flavor and if you want the best pimento cheese, there are zero ways around this. Add two cups of medium or sharp cheddar straight to the bowl, get the mixer and mix that cheddar in on low and stop once. It’s evenly distributed throughout the cream cheese mix. It’ll keep for up to five days in the fridge.

Brenda Gantt Homemade Pesto Pizza

Today we are making homemade pesto pizza. Not only is this pizza so crazy and delicious, but it is so easy to make, and it’s partially thanks to this pre-made crust. Don’t get judge, we’re gonna bring in some really amazing fresh ingredients to spruce it up. It’s gonna turn this really simple pizza into a gourmet pizza in less than 20 minutes.

We’re going to need about a cup and a half of fresh mozzarella cheese as far as i’m concerned. You can not make a gourmet pizza without fresh mozzarella cheese. It melts down differently and the flavor is phenomenal. Mozzarella is good in torn now. What i’m going to do is lay down a few paper towels , fresh mozzarella has a fairly high water content and so to help get rid of some of that water. What i’m going to do is just lay it in between some paper towels, then roll up the towel and see if i can press as much moisture out of the mozzarella as possible.

During the baking process you’ll see that this cheese is inevitably going to release a little bit more moisture, but again we’ll just bring in our friends the old paper towels and take care of. We’re bringing in fresh roma tomato you only need one tomato. We’re just going to cut it into thin slices. All of the toppings have been addressed except for the star of the show which is this homemade basil pesto sauce.

Brenda Gantt Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

To make a Bacon Wrap Chicken, the first thing we’re gonna do is whip up that sweet savory smoky spice rub. This is gonna add so much flavor to both your chicken and the exterior of that caramelized yummy bacon layer. So we’re going to add a quarter cup of light brown sugar, two teaspoons of kosher salt, one and a half teaspoon of black pepper and two teaspoons of smoked paprika,then one teaspoon of garlic powder and a quarter teaspoon of onion powder. Now we’re just gonna mix this up , you can use your fingers just get in there and make sure that red spice is evenly distributed throughout the sugar mix.

We’re going to prep this chicken for loads and loads of flavor so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to pat it dry with a few paper towels. I’ve got four chicken breasts here. Unfortunately these chicken breasts are a little bit on the small side, you just get what you get sometimes so i’ll probably end up baking them for less time. But we’ll get into that a little bit more later the reason why we’re patting the chicken breast dry is because we want that oil to stay adhered if the oil can adhere to the chicken so can that delicious spice mixture.

Brenda Gantt Goose Neck Yellow Squash

Brenda Gantt also present this recipe. I’m going to show you one of my favorite summer side dish recipes. We’re going to be doing yellow squash and I’m going to be adding some amazing flavor to the squash. We’re going to be using a combination of fresh herbs, garlic lemon juice and sun-dried tomatoes to really enhance this dish. This is the perfect side dish for summer, it goes well with any type of grilled meat or steak stick around and I’ll show you how it’s done.

Let’s make them from Brenda Gantt Recipes now!

Brenda Gantt Recipes

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