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What is Potato Mochi

Mochi is a stretchy and sticky traditional food made from glutinous rice flour or other starches, originating in China. It is actually a rice cake. The big difference from Chinese and Japanese rice cakes is that Japanese rice cakes are soft and glutinous and have no toughness.

Of course, Potato Mochi is the Mochi made from potatoes.

Potato Mochi

What Does Potato Mochi Taste Like

The glutinous rice flour is steamed and fried, and the outer skin is soft and glutinous and sweet. After biting it, the filling made by stirring and mixing with glutinous rice flour, water and vegetable oil flows out from it.

Many mochi have a milky flavor, this is because milk powder or condensed milk is added to the filling of some flavors, so that when we bite into the mochi, there will be more or less milky flavor.

There are three common types of Potato Mochi: round, long and bread

There is no big difference in taste between the round type and the strip type, This type of mochi is very glutinous and chewy, with a delicate filling that melts in your mouth. The outer skin of glutinous rice is fragrant and rich, the filling is sweet but not greasy, and the grains are crystal clear.

Some mochi will also be coated with a layer of sesame seeds on the outer skin. The sesame seeds are distinct and the sesame aroma is combined with the strong glutinous rice fragrance. The taste and taste are impeccable.

How to make Potato Mochi at Home


potatoonePotato Starch5 tbsp
Salt4 tspwater30 cc
sauceright amountlight soy sauce3 tbsp
honeyone tbspbamboo stick6 sticks
noriright amountplateone or two
oilright amountothersif needed


  • Potatoes are peeled, boiled or steamed, mashed with a spoon or fork, and salted. If you like cheese flavor, you can also add it at this time
  • Then add the cornstarch and mix well. If you like the Q softness, you can put more powder. Depending on the water content of the mashed potato mixture, slowly add water and stir. until the mixture can be kneaded into a ball
  • Knead the dough into round strips and cut into small pieces of about 1 cm with a knife. If you can’t finish eating, remember to wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to avoid drying
  • Take a pan and fry the potato mochi pieces over low heat until golden brown on both sides
  • Mix the soy sauce, honey and powder evenly, cook on low heat until the consistency you want, if you like a lighter taste, you can add some water
  • String the fried potato mochi with bamboo skewers, drizzle the sauce and sprinkle with a little seaweed to complete this super simple and delicious afternoon tea

There Are Many Types of Mochi You Can Choose


A must-try meal in Kyoto is the “Demachi Futaba” famous bean cake that has not changed its production method since its establishment in Meiji 32. The elegant sweetness and the firm, chewy texture of red peas are mesmerizing. Because it is very popular, the store must be constantly made and provided, and it is one of its charms that you have to queue up to eat.


Yomogi Daifuku are a Japanese dessert of kusamochi stuffed with a sweet filling such as anko.


Mochi ice cream is a confection made from Japanese mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling. It was invented by Japanese-American businesswoman and community activist Frances Hashimoto.


The warm sweet red bean soup and the soft half-melted mochi make us very relaxing in the cold winter days.


Sakura Mochi is a delicacy. The main ingredients are Daoming Temple powder, red bean paste, and salted cherry blossom leaves.

The pink and tender sakura mochi has attracted a lot of snacks with its cute and compact appearance. The light milky fragrance is refreshing and natural. After the entrance, the mochi skin is soft and glutinous, and the Q-bomb is delicate and smooth. The mochi sandwich is wrapped with fresh strawberry pulp. Sweet but not greasy and refreshing with rich cheese sauce.

Which is the best mochi for you to choose? I think this question is up to you to answer. Well, any ideas about Potato Mochi, please write them down.

Kikufuku Potato Mochi

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