What is Among Us Happy Meal and Where to Buy?

Why do people always talk about Among Us Happy Meal lately? What is it?

Well, “Among Us” is a strategy casual game developed and published by Innersloth.

Online or via LAN with 4-15 players as you travel on your ship to where you want to go. But beware…because there may be pretenders on board. One to three crew members have been replaced by pretenders (inner ghosts). Their goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship returns.

Pretenders will sabotage ships, sneak into ventilation ducts, trick others into keeping themselves safe and kill crew members. No one can remain anonymous while everyone is fixing the facility.

Once the body is reported, the surviving crew will publicly debate who they believe is the “pretender”. The purpose of the pretenders is to pretend they are crew members. If you don’t vote, everyone will continue to maintain the ship until another body is found or an emergency meeting is called. If the pretender is voted, the crew wins.

So What is Among Us Happy Meal

You found out that McDonald’s offering food that called among us happy meal and there is a toy inside!

If you gonna to order the Among Us Happy Meal in McDonald’s at three Am in the morning. It must be insane and you guys are going to be super exited since there’s literally no one there.

This is like.

Hi, there, can I get a happy meal, please? Yes, sure, what toy would you like? What toys do you guys have? We just got this new toy today, I believe it is a poster. Really? Is that from among us? Yes,that’s what it is the little guy from among us. Okay, i’ll get one of those.

Then there it is you got it baby. I really hope that impostor ‘s in there please. So do you ready for this? I’m so stoked that we’re finally going to open up the among us happy meal. I have been waiting months for this to happen but only now McDonald’s decided to finally release the impostor toy.

Let’s open it up. I’m excited to see what’s inside here. For those people who have been living under a rock and do not what among us is. I have been explained before. It is one of the most popular games and millions of millions people are playing this game.

The Impostor goal is to kill every single crew mate. There have been sightings of actual crew mate and impostors walking around our city and I feel like tonight is going to be one of those nights.

So, in conclusion, among us happy meal is created by McDonald’s , which offering it at 3 am in the morning. And besides that, we collect other among us recipes here to share with you too.

Preppy Among Us Cake

This cake’s looking a little sus, so let’s get started. To make this cake, I used my favorite vanilla cake recipe. It makes three 6-inch layers or two 8-inch layers. I love this cake as a 6-inch. It’s the perfect size. And I made a double batch of my vanilla ice cream and I made a double batch of my vanilla butter cream. This is perfect for decorating and it’s really easy, too. If you wanted, you could make Italian or Swiss butter cream instead. I love this cake because you don’t need any special tools and I’m gonna do some DIY stuff that you can do at home too.

Among Us Cake from So Tasty

Tonight i’ll reach out and touch the sky in the city of angels. Feels like i’m coming home with my head up in the clouds. I am searching for something and i’m still hoping i wanna go crazy. Feeling like a rock star, get tattoos without colors in a place. Cause tonight i’m getting out of line and it’s all. You know the drama is and all the fake friends just keep, pretending when you are under the weather getting caught in the storm. Do you remember? I know the feeling is when you are under the weather getting caught in the storm. Do you remember i told you if we dance in the blizzard, we are not getting cold, so keep on dancing.

Among Us Onigiri Rice Balls

I want to share with you how to make onigiri, onigiri is rice ball in Japanese.  This is the very basic of Japanese Cuisine. At the beginning of October, it’s the season for the rice harvest, we appreciate newly clove rice because it tastes  special new rice has a special meaning to Japanese,  because the rice represents the life itself.

Among Us BOBA Recipe

I think it’s really fun and exciting and we’re going to be making among us Boba. Yes i am addicted to among us now and i also saw this among us Boba from Emily Figueroa, Let’s get started. Let’s see how it goes, i’m basically going to be following the same recipe as that video, so all we need is some tapioca starch water and sugar so first we’re going to start off with our 1/3 cup of water then we’re going to add in our 1/4 cup of sugar and then 1/4 cup of tapioca starch plop. There’s tapioca starch all over my hands already and then we’re gonna mix this all together and now we pop this in the microwave for one minute.

Viral Among Us Sushi Characters

I’m being challenge to recreate these super adorable “Among Us” sushi characters. Let’s take a look at the video. It looks like we just need to make two characters. I’ll shape the rice with my hands. Oh, that’s the little backpack. Making the orange one with salmon. That’s radish. Okay, we’re gonna cut it out with kitchen scissors. This seems fairly simple. I think this is pretty doable. Then the Nori sheet. What is this neon yellow paper? It is green soy paper. Ah, that seems accessible. We’ll see if I can find that. Okay, stick it together with Nori again. Oh my God. It’s so cute. Okay, wrap it around and spicy tuna for the gore, the flesh upon the kill. Okay, I don’t think this is too difficult. I should definitely not say that before the challenge starts, because you’re about to probably see me have a very tough time. It looks like I’ll need sushi rice, salmon, tuna, radish, nori sheets, and neon green soy wrappers.

Among Us Drinks

I’ve got 100 among us drinks, 12 flavors and one imposter. For the flavors, we’ve got vanilla, bean, grape, blast, black berry, crease, banana, chocolate, blue berry, mint cream, strawberry,green apple mad mango and smooth lime each flavor. Starts out with this space drink that comes in this really unique package. This is like something you drink in space. It helps keep the astronauts energized , then each flavor gets a combination of juices and other drinks that are the color of the flavor. I’m also adding in ice cream and Popsicles to help keep this drink nice and cold and of course we need the actual food flavor of the drink to make it complete.

If you want to learn more about among us recipes, stay tuned till next time, we will continue share more fun food with you!

Among Us Happy Meal

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