Amazing Topgolf Food Menu Review

This week on Topgolf Chef Showdown. Today’s challenge, sounds easy enough, you guys do that all the time. Okay, here’s the twist. I look over at Rob, I notice he’s having some of the same challenges I have. It’s not looking good. I mean this is crazy, I’ve never seen this before.

At every Topgolf location, behind the mouth-watering menu, there’s an accomplished executive chef in team. And now, eight of Topgolf’s most talented chefs are battling it out on the T-Line and here in the kitchen. From four head to head rounds, four finalist will emerge, ready to fight it out for the ultimate honor. Their own dish on top golf seasonal menu, a dish you will be able to try this fall. But to win this competition, they’re going to have to impress the judges.

You did three things really, really well here. This is the Topgolf Chef Showdown. Let’s meet the chefs competing today. Before chefs get cooking, they’ll face off on the tee. Winner earns an advantage in the kitchen. Today’s challenge, they get five balls each and can aim for any target. The chef with the higher total yardage wins. All right, come on man. That’s not gonna get in, man. Come on, man, you got it. There you go! It’s not gonna hit the target though. Man that’s the sand, Matt. Nothing. Right, bragging rights. There you go. Nope. Go, go, go. It’s a good thing I look good and I can cook. All right, that’s good though. Did I hit it? All right. That’s a bulls eye? I love you man, but I got to finish you off. Give me a green one, I’ll take it. There you go. There you go.

So today’s challenge. You need to create perfect orders of Topgolf’s Signature Chicken Nachos. You have 40 minutes. Sounds easy enough, you guys do that all the time .Before you get started on those chicken nachos, you have to create four perfect Eggs Benedict. Chef Rob, you have an additional 60 seconds because you won the golf challenge. Chefs, your time starts now, cheers. I’m standing there waiting for 60 seconds. I can’t wait to get into the game. All right so Matt, you are in the game now. Nice. That 60 seconds goes really fast. They have to make these four pieces of Eggs Benedict before they get started on the signature nachos, right? Exactly, they’ve got to get that perfectly poached egg. They’ve got to make the Hollandaise from scratch.

Join us next time for the finals of the Topgolf Food Menu and Chef Showdown. All right, I hope you like what you saw. Hit subscribe now, you will not wanna miss how this competition ends.

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